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Journal of Civil Engineering and Materials Application is an international engineering journal published by Pendar Web Academy. This journal is an open access and full peer review journal, also all submitted manuscripts were checked by iThenticate Antiplagiarism software. Duration of publish for this journal is quarterly. Journal of Civil Engineering and Materials Application is the leading open-access Engineering journal, providing a platform for publishing innovative and research papers. papers in this journal will always be freely available online and readily accessible. The journal is in collaboration with the research bodies the social and private organizations to support and promote education and develop research, by learning program or support for researchers, Students and professors. Journal of Civil Engineering and Materials Application covered these types of published papers as regular or special issues: Research, Short Communication, Review and Mini Review. In Journal of Civil Engineering and Materials Application you can find other published form such as: Editorial and conferences eBooks.


What is Open Access?

Open access (OA) refers to journal articles and other published materials that are distributed online and are completely free to access by the reader. The costs of publication are borne by the author(s) or their funder(s) through a publication fee rather than readers or institutions through either a subscription or pay-to-view charges. This business model was the spark for a larger movement towards greater access and transparency of scientific research.


Open Access Options in JCEMA

JCEMA has fully open access journal. There is not any publish fee for Journal of Civil Engineering and Materials Application Duration (June-December) 2022.


Publishing Schedule

JCEMA is a quarterly publication releasing four seasonal issues each year. Exact schedule of publication for each season is as the following:

1. March

2. June

3. September

4. December



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