Study the Effects of Constructions New Techniques and Technologies on Time, Cost and Quality of Construction Projects from the Perspective of Construction Management


Department of Civil Engineering


The tendency to utilize the new technologies has increased due to ever increasing of the population and growing demand for housing as well as the ineffectiveness of traditional construction systems in our country. One of the main goals of using new methods, is to enhance the speed and improve the quality and structures? resistance, which is used in many projects in the world. It has been tried to investigate the effects of new construction technologies from the perspective of construction management on time, cost and quality of construction projects and also study their problems and development issues in the country. The subjects generalities and the literature review are expressed in the beginning of this research, and then the new methods in the world are presented briefly. Following this, the effects of this method on construction projects have been investigated using field studies and experts' opinions. The results of this study indicate that these methods will accelerate the projects time about 50%. Besides, construction costs have increased by about 30% in most individual projects and decrease the costs in mass projects. Most of the use of new construction technologies is in skeletal stage and installation of facilities. In recent years, the owners' tendency to new construction methods has increased in mass production projects. In recent years, the expertise of contractors has also grown and encouraging incentives from organizations like the municipality will lead to the development of these methods in the country. The greatest impact of modern technologies on construction operations is on the integrity and more stability of the structure, the long-term quality of that, the acceleration at the time of construction, better resistance to natural and environmental hazards, such as earthquakes, reducing the costs in massive construction scale, beauty and less harmful effects on the environment, more efficiency of installations and optimizing energy consumption.