Safety Analysis and Seismic Behavior of Concrete Arch Dams (V&U-shaped Dams)

Document Type : Original Article


1 Assistant professor, Department of civil engineering, Islamic Azad University, Iran

2 Assistant professor, Department of civil engineering, K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Iran



Investigation of seismic safety evaluation of concrete dams has been the focus of many researchers due to the importance of dam safety during an earthquake. Because the destruction of these structures due to an earthquake can have negative economic and social effects. In the present study, the nonlinear dynamic analysis of gravity concrete dams has been done considering the effect of dam-reservoir interaction. In fact, the minimum and maximum principal stresses of the U-shaped dam and reservoir have been measured via ANSYS. The results show that the static analysis with non-linear behavior in the rock mass with medium and weak layers has more stability compared to the weak homogeneous system. But it is more possible to concentrate plastic strains in weak layers. Other results of this study showed that the compressive stresses in the safety check of the dam were not critical and the maximum tensile arc stresses were obtained mainly in the upper levels of the middle blocks.


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