Parking Volume Analysis of Selected Locations; A Study on Khulna City

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1 Senior Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering, North Western University, Khulna, Bangladesh.

2 Department of Civil Engineering, North Western University, Khulna, Bangladesh.


Parking volume study has got much more importance with the increased urbanization and vehicle demand. Parking of vehicles is an integral part of the Khulna city as parking demand is particularly high because of intense commercial activities. IN Khuna, it is a common feature that many motorized and non-motorized vehicles are parked on streets and intersections of the selected locations which results in heavy traffic congestion. So it is important to analyze the effect of that uncontrolled parking on roads in order to mitigate the adverse effect of intolerable congestion. Eight different locations in Khulna city were selected for this study to survey parking volume and analyze whether the parking patterns are different or the same. The maximum 375, 79, and 38 of two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and four-wheelers were found parked at Khulna Shopping Complex, New Market, and also New Market zone respectively. The related PCU values are 224.5, 348.5, and 348.5 respectively indicating New Market is the busiest parking area of all. Among the selected eight locations, Khulna Shopping Complex has the highest PCU, and City Inn. has the lowest PCU. Parking management was found controlled by the local authority and a considerable amount of fees are required in some locations for a specific period of time. One sample t-test conducted by SPSS V25 suggests that the parking facilities, as well as the pattern of the eight selected locations, are different from each other.


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