Statistical Analysis of b-value Parameter under Unconfined Uni-axial Compression Testing.

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Department of Civil Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Srinagar.


In this paper, statistical analysis of Acoustic Emission (AE) based b-value parameter has been carried out. In the initial phase, multi-linear regression was carried out on AE parameters released during uniaxial compression of twelve cylindrical samples. The study exhibited that Counts, RMS values and reciprocal of Absolute Energy are promising parameters to quantify the b-value. In the similar analysis, the AE behavior measured in terms of b-value was studied for standard cubes and cylinders. Firstly, the two-way ANOVA test was done on Counts, RMS values and reciprocal of Absolute Energy and a hypothesis was made that b-value measured in the said parameters would be same. The results support the hypothesis and prove statistically that three variables are same no matter whether they are taken from cubic specimens or from cylindrical specimens even though the cracking behavior of cubes and cylinders is different. The results are also verified by one-tailed F-test.


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Volume 6, Issue 3
September 2022
  • Receive Date: 01 July 2022
  • Revise Date: 13 August 2022
  • Accept Date: 09 September 2022
  • First Publish Date: 09 September 2022