Centrifuge Model Tests for Investigation of Fiber Reinforced Soil Walls

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1 Department of Civil Engineering, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan.

2 DepartmentofHydraulicEngineering,TsinghuaUniversity,Beijing,100084,China.


The centrifuge model tests were used to evaluate the geotechnical properties of fiber reinforced soil walls. The reducedscale centrifuge models were built and the clay barrier was prepared using kaoline amended silty soil. The unreinforced soil barrier was found to lose their water-tightness and integrity at lower distortion levels compared to fiber reinforced soil barrier. The silty soil used in the centrifuge models, frequently considered as having negligible creep, did not ultimately found to prevent the development of time-dependent deformations. Thus, the significant time-dependent deformations could be occurred in geotechnical structure of fiber reinforced soil walls wall systems. The long-term behavior of reinforced soil walls structures was investigated under stress levels using centrifuge model.


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