Functional Properties Analysis of SMA Asphalt Mixtures Containing Rubber Powder and rPET

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Department of Engineering, Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran.


SMA asphalt mixtures are one of the asphalt mixtures known so far. In these mixtures, the load transfer and degradation process takes place through the direct contact of stone on stone. In these mixtures, like other asphalt mixtures, various additives are used with the aim of improving the performance characteristics. Common additives in these mixtures include anti-stripping additives, polymer, nano materials, etc. On the other hand, during the past years, a new technology in the production of additives is being developed. In this technology, with the chemical combination of two additives, a new substance is produced, which is referred to as a double additive and has the characteristics of both the main substances. In this research, this issue has been investigated in SMA asphalt mixtures and the effect of dual additive produced from rubber powder and recycled polyethylene (rPET) has been investigated. The results of this research showed that the use of double additives of this research can meet the performance characteristics of SMA asphalt mixtures better than single additives and the interaction of the two materials used can compensate for the weaknesses of single additives.


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