Evaluation of Seismic Performance of Concrete Gravity Dams Under Soil-structure-reservoir Interaction Exposed to Vertical Component of Near-field Earthquakes During Impounding Case study: Pine Flat Dam


Department of Civil Engineering


Given the current water crisis in the world and the fact that dams are superstructures for water conservation in agricultural and domestic uses, the seismic performance of Pine Flat Dam is evaluated under the soil-structure-reservoir interaction ex-posed to vertical component of near-field earthquakes in this study. Hence the dam is modeled in the plane strain space un-der the foundation-structure-fluid interaction using Abaqus finite element software in order to consider the effects of founda-tion flexibility and hydrodynamic forces. The reservoir is modeled in 3 full, half-full and empty conditions and the results are assessed and presented for each condition. The results of analysis show that when the dam is in use and the entire volume of reservoir is filled with water and the conditions of near-field earthquakes are predominated, more displacement is applied to the dam, which may make it enter the nonlinear region.